Sterile/Non-Sterile Compounding Quiz 3

Nov 3rd, 2020

Welcome to your Sterile/Non-Sterile Compounding Quiz 3

1. Which of the following ingredients should be used when compounding?
2. A pharmacy technician is sterilizing an ophthalmic solution. Which of the following filters should be used?
3. When compounding, which of the following items should not be placed in a laminar flow hood?
4. An experienced pharmacy technician is about to commence compounding and starts to clean the laminar flow hood. Which of the following is the correct process?
5. Which of these needle gauges has the largest diameter?
6. Ophthalmic solutions are expected to have what type of tonicity?
7. What name is given to the phenomenon whereby two or more substances liquefy when mixed at room temperature?
8. All activities performed within a laminar flow hood should be done at least _____________ within the hood to prevent any potential contamination.
9. Filter needles must be used when dealing with which of these?
10. ISO Class 5 compounding zones must be cleaned __________________.