Sterile/Non-Sterile Compounding Quiz 1 - PTCB Test Prep

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Sterile/Non-Sterile Compounding Quiz 1

Welcome to your Sterile/Non-Sterile Compounding Quiz 1

1. When compounding medicines, prescriptions should be checked to confirm the presence of which of these?
2. When should a laminar air flow hood be turned on?
3. Which of the following capsule sizes is the largest?
4. For a primary engineering control (PEC), which of these is the required quality of air needed?
5. Technicians who need to find the solubility of a drug in a solvent can find that data by consulting which of the following sources?
6. When compounding an oral preparation using alcohol, which of the following types of alcohol should be used?
7. Which of these tools is most appropriate when mixing powders?
8. “Geometric dilution” is required in which of these cases?
9. When an employee leaves a sterile compounding area and later returns, which of these pieces of “personal protective equipment” may be reused?
10. Nothing should pass __________ a sterile object when working in a horizontal laminar flow hood.
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