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PTCB Full-Length Practice Exam 4

Welcome to your PTCB Full-Length Practice Exam 4

1. For a non-controlled substance prescription drug, for how long is the prescription valid from the date of issue?
2. What does the pharmacy abbreviation pc mean?
3. Which of these books contains physical characteristics of different drugs and recipes?
4. Which of the following medication classes is defined as “high alert”?
5. Opioid drugs induce their analgesic effects by targeting which opioid receptor?
6. Which of the following Roman representations is equal to 1,416?
7. Which of these conditions results from a deficiency of dopamine within the nigrostriatal pathway?
8. Which of the following is the final step where the pharmacy is authorized to dispense the medicine?
9. Which of the following dosage forms can be made using spatulation?
10. Patients taking statins for high cholesterol should be counselled to avoid which of these juices?
11. Which of these is an example of quality assurance?
12. Which of the following prescription terms refers to the directions for use?
13. Carbamazepine (Tegretol) is used in the treatment of which condition?
14. A pharmacy technician does not include enough information for the safe use of the patient’s medicine; which is classified as what type of error?
15. In order to have a contract with a wholesaler, it is typical and expected for the pharmacy to purchase at least ____ percent of their medicines from that same wholesaler.
16. Which of these drugs works as a calcium channel blocker?
17. Which of these dosage forms must be shaken before use?
18. Statins work by inhibiting the effects of which of these enzymes?
19. Proton-pump inhibitors are used to reduce levels of what in the body?
20. In terms of inventory management, what does the acronym PAR represent?
21. What Arabic value is assigned to the following Roman numeral: LXXIX
22. Which of the following drugs is classified as a low-molecular weight heparin?
23. Which of the following statements is false regarding investigational drugs?
24. Which of the following drug classes is used to treat depression?
25. Which drug is known to cause the syndrome of side effects called cinchonism?
26. Which of these dispensing systems would you find in retail pharmacy?
27. What term is used to describe an absolute warning against using a medicine for a specific purpose due to a potential life-threatening risk?
28. Patients on “HAART therapy” have which of these conditions?
29. Data on the generic equivalence of drugs can be found in what book?
30. According to USP 797, radiopharmaceuticals must be compounded using which of these?
31. DEA Form 222 is issued in triplicate form. Which of the following is the form not sent to?
32. According to the ISMP, which of these dosage forms should not be crushed prior to administration?
33. What term is used to describe the amount that must be paid each year before the healthcare benefits of an insurance plan commence?
34. Upon being signed by the prescriber, a prescription for a Schedule II controlled substance must be filled within what period?
35. Metformin belongs to which of the following antidiabetic drug classes?
36. Which of these drugs is classified as a Schedule II controlled substance?
37. When handling hazardous drugs, which of the following protocols is advised?
38. _____________ is the term used to describe the process of using a mortar and pestle to reduce particle size.
39. Where a DEA number is registered using a business address rather than a person’s name, what number is used to represent that fact?
40. Drugs with the suffix “-pril” belong to which drug class?
41. A patient checks into the pharmacy to have their weight measured. The technician asks the patient how much they weighed previously, to which the patient answers, 87.4kg. If the patient now weights 194 pounds, which of the following statements is true?
42. How is 0.45% sodium chloride abbreviated in pharmaceutical compounding?
43. What two active ingredients are found in the medicine, Semprex?
44. According to law, all pharmacies must contain a copy of which of the following books?
45. What is the active ingredient of the medicine, Neurontin?
46. Which of the following drugs is not an anti-convulsant medicine?
47. Which of these drug classes is commonly ordered direct from the manufacturer?
48. Calculate the body mass index of a patient weighing 164 pounds and who is 187cm tall?
49. Which of the following is NOT included in NCPDP standards for e-prescribing?
50. 7 – Durable medical equipment (DME) – such as blood glucose monitors – are covered under which of the following Medicare plans?
51. Green leafy vegetables affect the therapeutic impact of which drug?
52. A medicine is available as 20mg/5mL. If the patient is prescribed 120mL of solution to be administered over 5 days, how many mg of drug is the patient being prescribed?
53. For prescription insurance plans, how frequently are deductibles reset?
54. Which of the following drugs is used for smoking cessation?
55. A patient has been prescribed a 10mL vial of insulin, each mL of which contains 100 units. If the patient uses 50 units per day, how long will the dispensed vial last?
56. Milk can reduce the effectiveness of which of these drugs?
57. A blood pressure machine costs the pharmacy $29.95 from the wholesaler, and the pharmacy expects to add a 28% mark-up. At what price will the blood pressure machine be sold in the pharmacy?
58. Which of the following medicines are not required to have child resistant packaging, as otherwise obliged by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, 1970?
59. Which of the following drugs is NOT an NSAID?
60. Which of the following drug classes should be counted on a separate tray?
61. As a pharmacy technician, you are asked to measure a viscous substance and need to decide what piece of equipment to use. Which of the following types of equipment is appropriate for this task?
62. When using a Class III prescription balance, which of these procedures should not be performed?
63. Which of these FDA recalls is the least serious, meaning that the drug is unlikely to cause adverse health consequences?
64. Olanzapine is the active ingredient of which of these medicines?
65. Which of the following controlled substance classes is NOT permitted to have refills?
66. Which of these is an active ingredient of calamine lotion?
67. Which of the following drugs is a beta-lactamase inhibitor?
68. Convert 14 ounces to milliliters
69. Which of the following prescription terms refers to the medication ordered?
70. Which of these drug classes work by inhibiting the COX enzyme?
71. You have been asked to prepare an intracavernous injection for a patient. In what part of the body will the medicine be administered?
72. Which of the following pharmacy books is used to identify products that are therapeutically equivalent?
73. Which of the following is NOT an example of an anticholinergic side effect?
74. Interpret the following prescription: i pr hs
75. What type of product must beyond-use dates be applied?
76. How many vials of 500mg drug X are needed to prepare 8 doses of 250mg of drug?
77. Omeprazole, pantoprazole, and lansoprazole are all examples of which drug class?
78. Which of these is a disadvantage of JIT inventory management?
79. How many tablets should be administered to the patient: 2 tabs po ud q12h x 5d
80. Which of the following terms is used to describe the study of “what a drug does to the body”?
81. Metronidazole is the active ingredient of which of these medicines?
82. Which of these is a computer output device?
83. Which piece of legislation introduced material safety data sheets (MSDS)?
84. Which of the following drugs is NOT an antibacterial drug?
85. A drug utilization review (DUR) does not involve which of the following?
86. Which of these disciplines of pharmacy is used to convert a new chemical entity into a medicine that can be used safely and effectively by patients?
87. Methotrexate is an example of a medicine that carries significant risks to the patient and requires close monitoring. Which of the following is the standard dose of methotrexate administered to the patient?
88. When pulling up a patient profile to commence entering a prescription, which of the following protocols should be followed?
89. The biller identification number (BIN) is a _____________ number that is present on health insurance cards to specify an insurance plan from a defined carrier.
90. Which of these medicines is NOT used in the treatment of gout?

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