Pharmacy Quality Assurance

Nov 3rd, 2020

Welcome to your Pharmacy Quality Assurance

1. Which of these classes of drug recall is considered the most serious?
2. On which website can pharmacy technicians find a list of medication recalls?
3. A patient presents with a life-threatening condition such as cardiac arrest. Which of these codes represents these kinds of condition?
4. HEPA filters found within laminar hoods remove particles that are at least what size?
5. Ordinarily, the sharps container is which of these colors?
6. Which of the following processes is not under the remit of quality control?
7. To maintain their professional certification, pharmacy technicians are obliged to undergo 20-hours continued education every ___________?
8. For how long should a laminar air flow hood be turned on before being used?
9. Which of these is NOT an example of “personal protective equipment”?
10. After caring for a patient with Clostridium difficile infection, which of these should be used to wash hands?
11. Which of these FDA drug recalls is issued “where there is no immediate or perceived danger of any health issues, but where items have been released that are in violation of FDA regulations”?
12. Which of these organizations issues a “Do Not Use” list?
13. Which of the following organizations enforces USP drug standards?
14. When recapping a needle, which of these methods should be used?
15. When compounding hazardous drugs, which of these kinds of syringe should be used?
16. A pharmacy has received notice of a drug recall. Which of the following actions should the pharmacy take?
17. Which of the following pieces of legislation requires that pharmacists perform a drug utilization review (DUR)?
18. Which piece of legislation introduced material safety data sheets (MSDS)?
19. Which of these is an example of quality assurance?
20. Which of the following drug classes should be counted on a separate tray?
21. When handling hazardous drugs, which of the following protocols is advised?
22. When dealing with controlled substances, which of the following dispensing practices is advised?
23. How often should a Class III prescription balance be certified?
24. To prevent the risk of cross-contamination, which of these substances should be used to clean counting trays?
25. As mandated by OSHA, healthcare workers must be vaccinated against which of the following?
26. Through which of the following means can microbial contamination of a laminar flow hood take place?
27. Which risk level would be assigned to a compounding environment that is inferior to an ISO Class 5 environment and which uses non-sterile ingredients to compound the medicine?
28. Which of the following techniques is used to prevent lookalike or sound-alike medicines from being confused with one another?
29. When applying alcohol-based hand rubs, which of the following protocols should be followed?
30. What is the maximum concentration limit of particles more than 5 microns in size within an ISO Class 5 environment?