Pharmacy Law and Regulations Quiz 5 - PTCB Test Prep

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Pharmacy Law and Regulations Quiz 5

Welcome to your Pharmacy Law and Regulations Quiz 5

1. In the following NDC number of ramipril, what do the final two digits refer to: 00431-4007-01?
2. Lomotil or cough preparations with codeine fall into which of the following scheduled of controlled substances?
3. Which of the following pieces of legislation was passed that allowed verbal prescriptions to be taken over the phone?
4. Medical malpractice or negligence most accurately falls under which of these legal frameworks?
5. All of these DEA registrant types fall under the Narcotic Treatment Program classification except which?
6. Which of the following organizations is responsible for implementing legislation relating to controlled substances?
7. Which of the following drugs is exempt from the packaging conditions set out in the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, 1970?
8. Which of the following USP chapters sets standards for hazardous drug handling for patients, healthcare workers, and the environment?
9. Which of the following pieces of legislation placed prescription drug advertising under FDA supervision and required drug manufacturers to register and permit inspections of their manufacturing sites?
10. A registrant registered under the Suboxone/Subutex Prescribing Program has which of these letters commencing their DEA number?
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