Pharmacy Law and Regulations Quiz 4 - PTCB Test Prep

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Pharmacy Law and Regulations Quiz 4

Welcome to your Pharmacy Law and Regulations Quiz 4

1. Pharmacies must notify their local DEA office, in writing, within how long after discovering that controlled substances have been stolen?
2. According to federal standard requirements, which of the following details is not mandated to appear on the medicine label of a single unit package of an individual dose?
3. Which of the following activities is the pharmacy technician not mandated to do?
4. What part of Medicare covers prescription drugs?
5. The Orphan Drug Act is involved in the manufacture of drugs that affect which of the following?
6. Which of the following organizations is responsible for accrediting and certifying healthcare organizations in the United States?
7. Which of the following medicines is a Schedule IV controlled substance?
8. A physician by the name of Dr. James Campbell will have a DEA number that follows which of these formats?For this question, assume that the doctor's DEA number is valid.
9. Which of the following drugs comes with a Risk Evaluations and Mitigation Strategies (REMS)?
10. Which of the following pieces of legislation is divided into privacy regulations, security regulations, and transaction standards?
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