Pharmacy Law and Regulations Quiz 3

Nov 3rd, 2020

Welcome to your Pharmacy Law and Regulations Quiz 3

1. Upon being signed by the prescriber, a prescription for a Schedule II controlled substance must be filled within what period?
2. Data on the generic equivalence of drugs can be found in what book?
3. Where a DEA number is registered using a business address rather than a person’s name, what number is used to represent that fact?
4. Which of these drugs is classified as a Schedule II controlled substance?
5. Which of these laws compels pharmacists to conduct a drug utilization review, DUR?
6. Generic drugs may be substituted for branded equivalents if which of the following conditions is met?
7. Which of these organizations is designed to establish state-specific pharmacy laws and regulations?
8. Which of the following DEA forms is used when ordering Schedule II medicines?
9. What is the maximum number of prescription refills permitted for Schedule III-IV substances?
10. How often must pharmacy personnel, who compound low to medium-risk level sterile products, be evaluated on their aseptic technique?