Pharmacy Law and Regulations Quiz 2 - PTCB Test Prep

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Pharmacy Law and Regulations Quiz 2

Welcome to your Pharmacy Law and Regulations Quiz 2

1. Upon receiving a formal request for pharmacy records, how long does the pharmacy have to deliver the requested data?
2. What does the second letter of a DEA number represent?
3. What piece of legislation prohibited selling prescription drugs to patients who did not have a prescription for that drug?
4. Which of the following was passed in direct response to the sulfanilamide disaster that killed more than 100 people?
5. Which of the following laws was passed that ensures medicines were in developed in a child protected form?
6. Which of these drugs is classified as a Schedule III controlled substance?
7. Which of the following USP chapters sets standards for non-sterile compounded formulations as well as providing guidance on how to manufacture compounded products?
8. Which legislation was responsible for banning the reimportation of a drug into the US by anyone except the manufacturer?
9. Enacted in 2005, the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act regulates the sale of OTC products that contain any of the following drugs except which?
10. According to law, all pharmacies must contain a copy of which of the following books?
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