Pharmacy Inventory Management Quiz 3

Nov 3rd, 2020

Welcome to your Pharmacy Inventory Management Quiz 3

1. Drugs may be recalled based on which of the following?
2. An exact count is required for Scheduled Controlled substance III through to V if the package size exceeds _____________.
3. To report a controlled substance lost or stolen, which of these DEA forms must be submitted?
4. Which of the following statements about repackaged drugs is false?
5. Which of the following statements is false regarding investigational drugs?
6. DEA Form 222 is issued in triplicate form. Which of the following is the form not sent to?
7. In order to have a contract with a wholesaler, it is typical and expected for the pharmacy to purchase at least ____ percent of their medicines from that same wholesaler.
8. Which of these drug classes is commonly ordered direct from the manufacturer?
9. Which of these is a disadvantage of JIT inventory management?
10. In terms of inventory management, what does the acronym PAR represent?