Pharmacy Inventory Management Quiz 1 - PTCB Test Prep

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Pharmacy Inventory Management Quiz 1

Welcome to your Pharmacy Inventory Management Quiz 1

1. Which of these drug classes must be dispensed alongside a drug accountability record (DUR)?
2. A “Protect from Freezing” label on a medicine means that it should not be stored below what temperature?
3. To facilitate adequate stock levels, which of these terms is used to describe the moment at which stock levels for a medicine must be higher?
4. What does a JIT inventory management system guarantee?
5. Which of these is the name of a business form that records details of the medication order?
6. Which of these terms is used to describe the process of pharmacies ordering medicines without having to go through a wholesaler, instead relying on communication with the drug manufacturer?
7. Which of these is an example of prime vendor purchasing?
8. To establish that the order received is correct, all these checks except which must be performed by the person receiving the delivery?
9. When storing inventory, which of these practices is NOT permitted?
10. Which DEA form is required for every scheduled II controlled substance transaction?
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