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Pharmacy Inventory Management

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1. Which of these terms is used to describe the process of pharmacies ordering medicines without having to go through a wholesaler, instead relying on communication with the drug manufacturer?
2. Which of the following statements is false regarding investigational drugs?
3. Drugs may be recalled based on which of the following?
4. Which DEA form is required for every scheduled II controlled substance transaction?
5. Which of these is an example of prime vendor purchasing?
6. To guarantee safe and effective storage, how frequently should refrigerator or freezer temperatures be monitored?
7. Which of these terms is used to describe the updated list of approved medicines for use within a pharmacy or hospital?
8. Which of the following statements about repackaged drugs is false?
9. When should DEA Form 41 be completed?
10. DEA Form 222 is issued in triplicate form. Which of the following is the form not sent to?
11. What does a JIT inventory management system guarantee?
12. A “Protect from Freezing” label on a medicine means that it should not be stored below what temperature?
13. What does the 80/20 rule refer to?
14. Which of the following statements about DEA Form 222 is false?
15. An exact count is required for Scheduled Controlled substance III through to V if the package size exceeds _____________.
16. Which of these drug classes is commonly ordered direct from the manufacturer?
17. Which of these is the name of a business form that records details of the medication order?
18. Compounded products within the pharmacy must have which of the following details recorded on the label?
19. When storing inventory, which of these practices is NOT permitted?
20. In order to have a contract with a wholesaler, it is typical and expected for the pharmacy to purchase at least ____ percent of their medicines from that same wholesaler.
21. Which of these is a method of accounting for inventory that records the sale or purchase of inventory immediately through the use of computerized point-of-sale systems and enterprise asset management software?
22. To facilitate adequate stock levels, which of these terms is used to describe the moment at which stock levels for a medicine must be higher?
23. To report a controlled substance lost or stolen, which of these DEA forms must be submitted?
24. In terms of inventory management, what does the acronym PAR represent?
25. To establish that the order received is correct, all these checks except which must be performed by the person receiving the delivery?
26. Hazardous materials kept within the pharmacy must keep which of the following documents?
27. Medications that must be kept in a “dry place” must not be exposed to humidity levels exceeding what value (at room temperature)?
28. Which of these is a disadvantage of JIT inventory management?
29. The total sales generated by a business in a specific period is the definition of which of the following?
30. Which of these drug classes must be dispensed alongside a drug accountability record (DUR)?

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