Pharmacy Calculations Quiz 5 - PTCB Test Prep

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Pharmacy Calculations Quiz 5

Welcome to your Pharmacy Calculations Quiz 5

1. Convert 0.75% to a ratio strength.
2. How many days’ supply of medicine does a patient have if they are given the following prescription: amoxicillin 500mg, ii cap po tid, dispense 42?
3. Which of the following is equal to 105mL?
4. A pharmacy technician is asked to dispense 250mL of solution which contains Drug X, the dose of which is 0.05g/5mL. How many milligrams of Drug X is required to meet the needs of this prescription?
5. A patient receives intravenous fluids at a rate of 6 drops per minute. If the patient is receiving fluids over a 5-hour period, and if the dose administered to the patient is 70mg/hr, what is the equivalent dose per drop given to the patient?
6. What is the percentage strength of a 180-gram cream that contains 4g of active ingredient?
7. Amoxicillin is available as a dose of 250mg/5mL, to be administered twice daily. If the patient must be prescribed 7-days-worth of medicine, how many milliliters of drug must be dispensed?
8. A patient has been prescribed 9mcg/min of amiodarone. In the IV fluid bag, the concentration of amiodarone is 1mg/500mL. How many milliliters per hour is the patient set to receive?
9. If a solution contains a concentration of 100mg/5mL, how many milliliters should be prescribed to the patient if they require 4.5 grams of drug?
10. Amoxicillin comes at a concentration of 25mg/5mL. How much drug would need to be added to this concentration to make it a 2% w/v solution?
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