Pharmacy Calculations Quiz 4 - PTCB Test Prep

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Pharmacy Calculations Quiz 4

Welcome to your Pharmacy Calculations Quiz 4

1. How many tablets should be administered to the patient: 2 tabs po ud q12h x 5d
2. What Arabic value is assigned to the following Roman numeral: LXXIX
3. A medicine is available as 20mg/5mL. If the patient is prescribed 120mL of solution to be administered over 5 days, how many mg of drug is the patient being prescribed?
4. A blood pressure machine costs the pharmacy $29.95 from the wholesaler, and the pharmacy expects to add a 28% mark-up. At what price will the blood pressure machine be sold in the pharmacy?
5. A patient checks into the pharmacy to have their weight measured. The technician asks the patient how much they weighed previously, to which the patient answers, 87.4kg. If the patient now weights 194 pounds, which of the following statements is true?
6. A patient has been prescribed a 10mL vial of insulin, each mL of which contains 100 units. If the patient uses 50 units per day, how long will the dispensed vial last?
7. How many vials of 500mg drug X are needed to prepare 8 doses of 250mg of drug?
8. Which of the following Roman representations is equal to 1,416?
9. Convert 14 ounces to milliliters.
10. How many liters are in 4 quarts?
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