Pharmacy Calculations Quiz 3 - PTCB Test Prep

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Pharmacy Calculations Quiz 3

Welcome to your Pharmacy Calculations Quiz 3

1. A pharmacy technician is asked to dispense 150mL of solution which contains Drug X, the dose of which is 25mg/5mL. How many milligrams of Drug X is required to meet the needs of this prescription?
2. Convert 360 millilitres to ounces.
3. How many days supply of medicine does the patient have if they present the following prescription to the pharmacy: 1 tsp po q12h, dispense 280mL?
4. A patient weighs 89kg and must receive a dose of Drug X of 25mg/kg. How many milligrams of drug X is required to satisfy the patient’s therapeutic needs?
5. How many teaspoon doses are found in 150mL of solution?
6. How many teaspoons of dose are equal to 7 tablespoons?
7. 120mL of NS is administered to the patient. How many milligrams of sodium chloride did they receive?
8. A vial of vancomycin is available at a concentration of 3mg/mL. If the patient requires a dose of 36mg, how many mL of vancomycin must the patient receive?
9. 1,200mL of IV fluid must be administered to the patient over an 8-hour period. The calibration rate is set at 8 drops/mL, meaning that how many drops per minute will there be?
10. Calculate the body mass index of a patient weighing 164 pounds and who is 187cm tall?
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