Pharmacy Calculations Quiz 2 - PTCB Test Prep

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Pharmacy Calculations Quiz 2

Welcome to your Pharmacy Calculations Quiz 2

1. A pharmacy technician has prepared an 8 milliliter vial. How many 0.4mL doses can be taken from this vial and administered to the patient?
2. What is the percentage strength of a 120-gram ointment that contains 8000mg of active ingredient?
3. Convert 0.4% to a ratio strength.
4. How many milligrams can be found in 5 grains?
5. Nexium retails in your local pharmacy for $8.90 per pack. Wholesale, the cost of Nexium is $5.49. The dispensing cost of selling Nexium is $1.10. What is the net profit for the pharmacy for each sale of one pack of Nexium?
6. How many milliliters of sodium chloride should be dispensed if a TPN order is made for 80 milliequivalents of NaCl and each stock vial contains 4mEq/mL?
7. A surgeon prescribes 1.2-liters of intravenous fluid to be administered to a patient over a 6-hour period. What is the flow rate administered to the patient in mL/min?
8. How many grams of dextrose can be found in 500mL of D50W?
9. A pharmacy technician receives a prescription for carboplatin 50mg/m2 per dose. If the BSA of the patient is 1.4m2, how many milligrams of carboplatin are needed to satisfy the prescription?
10. How many milliliters are found in 14 fluid ounces?
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