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Pharmacy Calculations

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1. How many milligrams can be found in 5 grains?
2. How many liters are in 4 quarts?
3. A patient has been prescribed 9mcg/min of amiodarone. In the IV fluid bag, the concentration of amiodarone is 1mg/500mL. How many milliliters per hour is the patient set to receive?
4. 1,200mL of IV fluid must be administered to the patient over an 8-hour period. The calibration rate is set at 8 drops/mL, meaning that how many drops per minute will there be?
5. How many teaspoons of dose are equal to 9 tablespoons?
6. A pharmacy technician is asked to dispense 250mL of solution which contains Drug X, the dose of which is 0.05g/5mL. How many milligrams of Drug X is required to meet the needs of this prescription?
7. How many days’ supply of medicine does a patient have if they are given the following prescription: amoxicillin 500mg, ii cap po tid, dispense 42?
8. Convert 0.4% to a ratio strength.
9. A pharmacy technician receives a prescription for carboplatin 50mg/m2 per dose. If the BSA of the patient is 1.4m2, how many milligrams of carboplatin are needed to satisfy the prescription?
10. A pharmacy technician is asked to dispense 150mL of solution which contains Drug X, the dose of which is 25mg/5mL. How many milligrams of Drug X is required to meet the needs of this prescription?
11. Convert 9 ounces to milliliters.
12. A patient receives intravenous fluids at a rate of 6 drops per minute. If the patient is receiving fluids over a 5-hour period, and if the dose administered to the patient is 70mg/hr, what is the equivalent dose per drop given to the patient?
13. Convert 900 millilitres to ounces.
14. How many teaspoon doses are found in 150mL of solution?
15. Amoxicillin is available as a dose of 250mg/5mL, to be administered twice daily. If the patient must be prescribed 7-days-worth of medicine, how many milliliters of drug must be dispensed?
16. Convert 1:7,500 to a percentage strength.
17. If a solution contains a concentration of 100mg/5mL, how many milliliters should be prescribed to the patient if they require 4.5 grams of drug?
18. How many grams of dextrose can be found in 500mL of D50W?
19. A pharmacy technician has prepared an 8 milliliter vial. How many 0.4mL doses can be taken from this vial and administered to the patient?
20. If a patient receives 160mL/hr of drug from an IV bag that contains 2L, approximately how many hours will the IV bag last?
21. A patient weighs 89kg and must receive a dose of Drug X of 25mg/kg. How many milligrams of drug X is required to satisfy the patient’s therapeutic needs?
22. Convert 0.45% to a ratio strength.
23. How many vials of 500mg drug X are needed to prepare 8 doses of 250mg of drug?
24. A patient checks into the pharmacy to have their weight measured. The technician asks the patient how much they weighed previously, to which the patient answers, 87.4kg. If the patient now weights 194 pounds, which of the following statements is true?
25. Which of the following is equal to 125mL?
26. Nexium retails in your local pharmacy for $8.90 per pack. Wholesale, the cost of Nexium is $5.49. The dispensing cost of selling Nexium is $1.10. What is the net profit for the pharmacy for each sale of one pack of Nexium?
27. How many days supply of medicine does a patient have if they are given the following prescription: amoxicillin 250mg, i cap po bid, dispense 28?
28. A patient has been prescribed a 10mL vial of insulin, each mL of which contains 100 units. If the patient uses 50 units per day, how long will the dispensed vial last?
29. How many days supply of medicine does the patient have if they present the following prescription to the pharmacy: 1 tsp po q12h, dispense 280mL?
30. A blood pressure machine costs the pharmacy $29.95 from the wholesaler, and the pharmacy expects to add a 28% mark-up. At what price will the blood pressure machine be sold in the pharmacy?
31. What is the percentage strength of a 120-gram ointment that contains 8000mg of active ingredient?
32. What Arabic value is assigned to the following Roman numeral: CLIV
33. How many milligrams are in 12.01 grams?
34. How many milliliters of sodium chloride should be dispensed if a TPN order is made for 80 milliequivalents of NaCl and each stock vial contains 4mEq/mL?
35. Amoxicillin comes at a concentration of 25mg/5mL. How much drug would need to be added to this concentration to make it a 2% w/v solution?
36. Convert 23 degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit.
37. Which of the following Roman representations is equal to 595?
38. What is the percentage strength of a 280-gram cream that contains 4g of active ingredient?
39. How many tablets should be administered to the patient: 2 tabs po ud q12h x 5d
40. Calculate the body mass index of a patient weighing 164 pounds and who is 187cm tall?
41. 120mL of NS is administered to the patient. How many milligrams of sodium chloride did they receive?
42. A surgeon prescribes 1.2-liters of intravenous fluid to be administered to a patient over a 6-hour period. What is the flow rate administered to the patient in mL/min?
43. A pharmacy balance retails at $49.99 but costs the pharmacy $28.79 per piece. What is the mark-up percentage value?
44. Calculate the body surface area (BSA) of a patient who weighs 31.7kg and who stands at 60.6cm?
45. A medicine is available as 20mg/5mL. If the patient is prescribed 120mL of solution to be administered over 5 days, how many mg of drug is the patient being prescribed?
46. A vial of vancomycin is available at a concentration of 3mg/mL. If the patient requires a dose of 36mg, how many mL of vancomycin must the patient receive?
47. Convert 48 pounds to kilograms.
48. What is the percentage strength of a solution of 1.2 grams of sucrose dissolved in 75mL of solution?
49. A patient is taking 10mL three times daily of amoxicillin 200mg/5mL. How much amoxicillin is the patient taking each day?
50. How many milliliters are found in 14 fluid ounces?

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