Pharmacology Quiz 7

Nov 3rd, 2020

Welcome to your Pharmacology Quiz 7

1. What is the active ingredient of the medicine Cialis?
2. What is the active ingredient of the medicine, Tylenol?
3. Which of these drugs is used to treat urinary tract infections?
4. Which of these drugs contains a beta-lactam ring?
5. “Triptans”, such as sumatriptan, are used in the treatment of which condition?
6. Drugs administered via the intrathecal route are administered to what part of the body?
7. Which of the following drugs is a macrolide antibacterial?
8. Ispaghula husk, methylcellulose, and sterculia are examples of drugs used to treat which condition?
9. – Which of these drugs reduces absorption of levothyroxine?
10. If a drug is administered to the patient via the intravitreal route, where is the drug administered?