Medication Safety Quiz 5 - PTCB Test Prep

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Medication Safety Quiz 5

Welcome to your Medication Safety Quiz 5

1. Which of these terms refers to the degree to which a patient correctly follows medical advice as to how and when they should take their medicines?
2. Which of the following details is NOT present in the patient information leaflet?
3. To enhance medication safety, which of the following details should be included in a patient profile?
4. The CMS – or Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services – requires which of the following insurance plans to offer MTM services to certain beneficiaries?
5. A patient may misunderstand the medicine instructions given to them. During what stage of the medication-use process might this error take place?
6. According to Leape et al. (1995), when do most medication errors take place?
7. Which of these is NOT on the Joint Commission’s “Do Not Use” list?
8. With regards to the medication-use process, failing to report a patient adverse event can occur during what part of that process?
9. The Coombs and Gell classification is used for which of the following?
10. According to the Institute of Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), which of the following is an error-prone abbreviation?
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