Medication Safety Quiz 4 - PTCB Test Prep

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Medication Safety Quiz 4

Welcome to your Medication Safety Quiz 4

1. Patients experiencing an allergic reaction to a medicine are most likely to exhibit which of these effects?
2. Which of these medication classes requires patient package inserts?
3. A drug utilization review (DUR) does not involve which of the following?
4. A pharmacy technician does not include enough information for the safe use of the patient’s medicine; which is classified as what type of error?
5. Methotrexate is an example of a medicine that carries significant risks to the patient and requires close monitoring. Which of the following is the standard dose of methotrexate administered to the patient?
6. According to the ISMP, which of these dosage forms can be crushed prior to administration?
7. Which of the following medication classes is defined as “high alert”?
8. Patients taking statins for high cholesterol should be counselled to avoid which of these juices?
9. What term is used to describe an absolute warning against using a medicine for a specific purpose due to a potential life-threatening risk?
10. Which of these drug classes comes with a MedGuide?
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