Medication Safety Quiz 2

Nov 3rd, 2020

Welcome to your Medication Safety Quiz 2

1. The MERP – or Medication Error Reporting Program – is overseen by which of the following organizations?
2. MedGuides are required for which of the following types of medicine?
3. Which of the following involves reviewing a patient’s complete medication list and ensuring it is as up-to-date as possible to eliminate any potential errors that may have developed over the course of the patient’s treatment?
4. What term is given to the practice of writing part of a drug's name in upper case letters to help distinguish sound-alike, look-alike drugs from one another in order to avoid medication errors?
5. About which of the following are pharmacy technicians NOT permitted to answer, when it comes to prescriptions?
6. Which of the following is used to identify potentially harmful medicines when used in older patients?
7. With regards to the medication-use process, mistyping a medication order can occur during what part of that process?
8. Which of the following online programs allows hospitals to anonymously report/track errors within their organizations?
9. Which of the following is NOT true when it comes to root cause analysis?
10. Which of the following laws is used to encourage the voluntary reporting of adverse events to enhance patient safety?