Medication Order Entry and Fill Process Quiz 3

Nov 3rd, 2020

Welcome to your Medication Order Entry and Fill Process Quiz 3

1. What is the maximum number of refills for non-controlled drugs?
2. Which of the following statements is false regarding controlled drug prescription orders?
3. Which of the following prescription terms refers to instructions given to the pharmacist, for example, specifying whether a generic drug may be substituted for a branded equivalent?
4. Which of the following pharmacy terms refers to “oral administration”?
5. What does the pharmacy term, gtt, refer to?
6. Which of the following patient relationship codes should be selected for a patient that is the spouse of the primary cardholder when billing third-party providers?
7. Medicines are stored in amber containers to protect the medicine from which of the following?
8. Which of the following details must be included on a label for a sterile medicine?
9. Which of the following medicines are not required to have child resistant packaging, as otherwise obliged by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, 1970?
10. For a non-controlled substance prescription drug, for how long is the prescription valid from the date of issue?