Medication Order Entry and Fill Process Quiz 2 - PTCB Test Prep

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Medication Order Entry and Fill Process Quiz 2

Welcome to your Medication Order Entry and Fill Process Quiz 2

1. Which DAW code represents “Substitution Allowed: Patient Requested that Brand Product Be Dispensed”?
2. Which of the following books is mandated to be present in every pharmacy?
3. One of the ways to identify a fake prescription is to spot an incorrect or invalid DEA number. Which of these letters, when used as the first digit of the number, indicate that the DEA is invalid?
4. Prescriptions for _______________ drugs must be accompanied by the DEA number of the prescriber.
5. A “shake well” auxiliary label is appropriate when dispensing drugs with which kind of dosage form?
6. Which of the following Roman numerals is an invalid number?
7. If a prescription is a controlled drug and found within Schedules III through V, what is the maximum number of permitted refills?
8. A pharmacy technician notes that the names on the prescriptions do not match. One of the letters is different. How should the technician react?
9. Expired drugs pose a hazard to the patient. Fanconi syndrome may result if a patient takes which of the following expired drugs?
10. How many tablets should be dispensed to a patient who receives the following prescription: iii caps ud q12h x 7d
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