Full-Length Practice Exam 3

Nov 3rd, 2020

Welcome to your Full-Length Practice Exam 3

1. What is the active ingredient of the medicine, Tylenol?
2. Which of these drugs is used to treat urinary tract infections?
3. Which of these drugs contains a beta-lactam ring?
4. “Triptans”, such as sumatriptan, are used in the treatment of which condition?
5. Drugs administered via the intrathecal route are administered to what part of the body?
6. Which of the following drugs is a macrolide antibacterial?
7. Ispaghula husk, methylcellulose, and sterculia are examples of drugs used to treat which condition?
8. Which of these drugs reduces absorption of levothyroxine?
9. If a drug is administered to the patient via the intravitreal route, where is the drug administered?
10. Which of these drugs is an example of a rapid-acting insulin?
11. What is the active ingredient of the medicine, Lexapro?
12. Latanoprost is used in the treatment of which condition?
13. What is the active ingredient of the medicine, Zovirax?
14. Amphotericin B belongs to which of the following drug classes?
15. Which of the following drugs is an example of a fluoroquinolone?
16. The anti-leprosy drug, clofazimine can discolor skin which of these colors?
17. Amiodarone is used to treat what condition?
18. Which of these drugs is used in the treatment of gout?
19. Which of these drugs is used to eliminate the poisons from the body?
20. Which of these drugs is referred to as the “milk of amnesia”?
21. What is the active ingredient of the medicine, Glucophage?
22. Integrase inhibitors are used in the treatment of which condition?
23. Albendazole (Albenza) is used in the treatment of what type of infection?
24. Which of the following drugs is an example of a beta-blocker?
25. “Setrons” are a drug class used to treat which of the following?
26. All of the following drugs, except which, is used to treat angina?
27. Amlodipine is an example of what type of drug?
28. What is the active ingredient of the medicine, Lipitor?
29. Which of the following vitamins is fat soluble?
30. Which of the following drugs is NOT an antibacterial drug?
31. What does the pharmacy term, gtt, refer to?
32. Which of the following patient relationship codes should be selected for a patient that is the spouse of the primary cardholder when billing third-party providers?
33. Medicines are stored in amber containers to protect the medicine from which of the following?
34. Which of the following details must be included on a label for a sterile medicine?
35. Which of the following medicines are not required to have child resistant packaging, as otherwise obliged by the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, 1970?
36. For a non-controlled substance prescription drug, for how long is the prescription valid from the date of issue?
37. Which of the following prescription terms refers to the medication ordered?
38. Which of the following prescription terms refers to the directions for use?
39. Which of the following is the final step where the pharmacy is authorized to dispense the medicine?
40. Which of these books contains physical characteristics of different drugs and recipes?
41. When pulling up a patient profile to commence entering a prescription, which of the following protocols should be followed?
42. Which of the following controlled substance classes is NOT permitted to have refills?
43. How many liters are in 4 quarts?
44. Convert 0.75% to a ratio strength.
45. How many days’ supply of medicine does a patient have if they are given the following prescription: amoxicillin 500mg, ii cap po tid, dispense 42?
46. Which of the following is equal to 105mL?
47. A pharmacy technician is asked to dispense 250mL of solution which contains Drug X, the dose of which is 0.05g/5mL. How many milligrams of Drug X is required to meet the needs of this prescription?
48. A patient receives intravenous fluids at a rate of 6 drops per minute. If the patient is receiving fluids over a 5-hour period, and if the dose administered to the patient is 70mg/hr, what is the equivalent dose per drop given to the patient?
49. What is the percentage strength of a 180-gram cream that contains 4g of active ingredient?
50. Amoxicillin is available as a dose of 250mg/5mL, to be administered twice daily. If the patient must be prescribed 7-days-worth of medicine, how many milliliters of drug must be dispensed?
51. A patient has been prescribed 9mcg/min of amiodarone. In the IV fluid bag, the concentration of amiodarone is 1mg/500mL. How many milliliters per hour is the patient set to receive?
52. If a solution contains a concentration of 100mg/5mL, how many milliliters should be prescribed to the patient if they require 4.5 grams of drug?
53. Which of these products can be classified as an oleaginous ointment base?
54. Which of these types of medicine is high in alcohol?
55. In the ante-area, which of the following activities should be done first?
56. Which of the following USP chapters describes practices to prevent harm, including the risk of death, to patients at risk of microbial contamination?
57. What is “aseptic technique” designed to prevent?
58. A trainee pharmacy technician must dispose of needles but is not sure how. What advice would you give to the trainee technician?
59. Which of the following alcohols is referred to as Alcohol USP?
60. _______________ dosage forms can be produced via levigation.
61. When preparing a sterile product, what type of water cannot be used?
62. Methotrexate is an example of a medicine that carries significant risks to the patient and requires close monitoring. Which of the following is the standard dose of methotrexate administered to the patient?
63. According to the ISMP, which of these dosage forms should not be crushed prior to administration?
64. Which of the following medication classes is defined as “high alert”?
65. Patients taking statins for high cholesterol should be counselled to avoid which of these juices?
66. What term is used to describe an absolute warning against using a medicine for a specific purpose due to a potential life-threatening risk?
67. Which of these drug classes comes with a MedGuide?
68. Which of these terms refers to the degree to which a patient correctly follows medical advice as to how and when they should take their medicines?
69. An exact count is required for Scheduled Controlled substance III through to V if the package size exceeds _____________.
70. To report a controlled substance lost or stolen, which of these DEA forms must be submitted?
71. Which of the following statements about repackaged drugs is false?
72. Which of the following statements is false regarding investigational drugs?
73. DEA Form 222 is issued in triplicate form. Which of the following is the form not sent to?
74. In order to have a contract with a wholesaler, it is typical and expected for the pharmacy to purchase at least ____ percent of their medicines from that same wholesaler.
75. Which of the following medicines is a Schedule IV controlled substance?
76. A physician by the name of Dr. James Campbell will have a DEA number that follows which of these formats?
77. Which of the following drugs comes with a Risk Evaluations and Mitigation Strategies (REMS)?
78. Which of the following pieces of legislation is divided into privacy regulations, security regulations, and transaction standards?
79. In the following NDC number of ramipril, what do the final two digits refer to: 00431-4007-01?
80. As mandated by OSHA, healthcare workers must be vaccinated against which of the following?
81. Through which of the following means can microbial contamination of a laminar flow hood take place?
82. Which risk level would be assigned to a compounding environment that is inferior to an ISO Class 5 environment and which uses non-sterile ingredients to compound the medicine?
83. Which of the following techniques is used to prevent lookalike or sound-alike medicines from being confused with one another?
84. What name is given to a computerized device that allows data to be transmitted over a network?
85. Computerized systems can monitor all but which of the following interactions?
86. Which of the following establishes national standards to protect individual’s medical records?
87. In which pharmacy book can you expect to find AWPs?
88. With whom are FSAs – flexible spending accounts – associated?
89. Nursing home stays are covered under which Medicare plan?
90. Which of these insurance code associations is false?