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PTCB Testing During COVID-19

May 13th, 2020
PTCB Exams and COVID-19

PTCB Testing during COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption. Pharmacy technicians are working with other healthcare professionals, around the clock, to deliver much needed service to patients.

The pandemic has also affected the implementation of PTCB examinations.

Below, we spell out the changes that the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board have introduced to ensure that adequate testing takes place and that social distancing measures are maintained.

Online Assessment of PTCB Exams

PTCB testing during COVID-19 will continue throughout 2020.

However, from 4 May 2020, an online PTCB assessment will now be available. This involves candidates taking the test online under the virtual supervision of an online proctor.

Furthermore, additional security measures have been introduced. Candidates will be expected to verify their ID, whilst face-recognition technology will also be in place. This ensures that the pharmacy technician exam takes place with the right candidate in the most secure way possible.

Candidates are also advised to bear the following points in mind:

  • Candidates scheduled to take an exam at a test center may change to an online assessment. You can complete this process online in your PTCB Account by canceling your existing appointment, and re-scheduling for a home examination.
  • Candidates should be online for their exam 30-minutes before the exam is about to start. First, log-in to your PTCB Account. From there, you will be contacted by a virtual supervisor to then begin the test.

If you are unsure of the system requirements to take the PTCB exam, you can learn more about these requirements on the official PTCB website.

Reduced Fees

Considering the personal and financial difficulties wrought by the pandemic, the PTCB board have decided to reduce fees for all exams.

The standard fee of the CPhT exam is $129; this has now been reduced to $115.

Taking Exams at Test Centers

Whilst eliminating social distancing at exam centers, various test centers throughout the country will remain open.

This is subject to ongoing review to how the pandemic unfolds in each US state.

Test centers undergo routine disinfection procedures and candidates are expected to observe social distancing protocol. Furthermore, a limited number of candidates will be permitted into each exam center at any one time.

Exam Preparation with PTCB Test Prep

At PTCB Test Prep, we appreciate the challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought and how it has impacted students up and down the country.

Throughout this period, we have decided to add further PTCB practice tests to our online courses – helping you learn more whilst studying for the exam at home.

Given the financial challenges that many students now face, we have introduced a discount of 25 percent on any of our courses for the rest of 2020.

Use the code TECH25 at checkout.

We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and bring you the latest updates as and when they develop. In the meantime, keep studying – and stay safe.  

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