PTCB Practice Test 3

10 Questions!

Welcome to your PTCB Quiz 3

1. Patients taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) should avoid taking foods that contain which of these?
2. Which of the following drugs should be considered “hazardous waste”?
3. 180 grams of an ointment contains 25 grams of active ingredient and 155 grams of excipient. To the nearest whole number, what is the percentage strength of the medicine?
4. Which of these terms refers to the total cost of keeping items in stock?
5. Which of the following is NOT considered “personal protective equipment”?
6. The antidepressant drug, escitalopram, is the active ingredient of which of these medicines?
7. You receive a prescription with the acronym a.c. on part of it. What is the correct translation?
8. Which of these laws mandates the maintenance of patient profiles in pharmacies?
9. In which part of a prescription will you find the instructions on how to take the medicine?
10. For all prescription and OTC medicines, which of these is a product identifier?

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