PTCB Practice Test 2

10 Questions!

Welcome to your PTCB Quiz 2

1. Medicines with the prefix -lol are members of which drug class?
2. What name is given to the licensed clinical uses of a medicine?
3. Convert 84 degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius.
4. Which of the following concentrations is defined by Alcohol USP?
5. To ensure correct drug storage, both refrigerator and freezer temperatures should be monitored for how long?
6. Which of these pharmacy abbreviations refers to “by mouth”?
7. Which of these foods increases the bleeding effects of warfarin?
8. If a medicine has a stated expiration date of 06/2024, upon what date does the medicine expire?
9. Which of these parts of Medicare covers specific vaccines administered to patients in the pharmacy setting?
10. If a prescriber writes “dispense as written”, which these codes should be used?

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