PTCB Practice Test 1

10 Questions!

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1. Antitussive drugs are used to treat which of the following conditions?
2. Federal legislation states that pharmacies must complete an inventory of controlled substances. How regularly should this be conducted?
3. Convert 1:7,500 to a percentage strength.
4. A patient gives you the following prescription: iii gtts ou ud x 7d How is this medicine administered to the patient?
5. What is the name of the type of error that occurs when something is performed incorrectly?
6. What name is given to the 10-digit identifier used by healthcare providers to transmit healthcare details?
7. Medicines with the suffix -pril are members of which drug class?
8. Before use, for how long should a laminar air flow hood be turned on?
9. Class III FDA drug recalls is interpreted as which of these?
10. When a medication is dispensed, which of these is a flat fee that the patient must pay to the pharmacy?

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