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Welcome to your PTCB Pharmacy Calculations Quiz

A pharmacy technician is asked to dispense 250mL of solution which contains 0.05g / 5mL of drug. How many milligrams of drug is needed to meet the needs of this prescription?

Which of the following Roman representations is equal to 1,416?

Calculate the body mass index of a patient weighing 164 pounds and who is 187cm tall?

A patient is taking 10mL three times daily of amoxicillin 200mg / 5mL. How much amoxicillin is the patient taking each day?

1,200 mL of IV fluid must be administered to the patient over an 8-hour period. If the calibration rate is set at 8 drops / mL, how many drops per minute will be administered to the patient?

Amoxicillin comes at a concentration of 25mg / 5mL. How much drug would need to be added to this concentration to make it a 2% w/v solution?

Convert 0.4% to a ratio strength.

How many tablets should be dispensed to the patient: 2 tabs po ud q12h x 5d

How many days supply of medicine is available to the patient if they are given this prescription: amoxicillin 250mg, i cap po bid, dispense 28?

A pharmacy balance retails at 49.99. If the cost price to the pharmacy is 28.79 per piece, what is the mark-up percentage value?

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