PTCB Pharmacology Quiz 2

10 Questions!

Welcome to your PTCB Pharmacology Quiz 2

1. Tramadol falls under which of these controlled drug schedules?
2. Which proton-pump inhibitor is the active ingredient of the medicine, AcipHex?
3. Which of the following drugs is a MAO inhibitor?
4. The 'first pass effect' refers to which of these pharmacokinetic stages?
5. Which of these drugs can cause bronchospasm in patients with asthma?
6. Drugs administered via the intrathecal route are given into which part of the body?
7. Drugs that block the PDE5 enzyme are used in the treatment of which condition?
8. Which of these drug classes is associated with causing a persistent, dry cough?
9. The medicine, Imitrex, is used in the treatment of which condition?
10. What is the daily purchase limit of pseudoephedrine?

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