Pharmacy Prescriptions Quiz!

25 Questions!

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1. Which of the following is an example of an auxiliary label?
2. Which of the following Roman numerals is an invalid number?
3. What does the pharmacy abbreviation stat. refer to?
4. Which of the following details must be included on a label for a sterile medicine?
5. Translate the following prescription details: iii tabs po ac bid x 5d
6. Which part of the NDC code refers to the manufacturer?
7. Which of the following prescription terms refers to instructions given to the pharmacist, for example, specifying whether a generic drug may be substituted for a branded equivalent?
8. How many teaspoons are equal to 2 tablespoons?
9. Which of the following prescription terms refers to the directions for use?
10. How many capsules should be dispensed to a patient who receives the following prescription: iii caps ud q12h x 7d
11. For a non-controlled substance prescription drug, for how long is the prescription valid from the date of issue?
12. A prescription reads: ii gtts ou qid ud. How must the drug be administered to the patient?
13. What does the pharmacy abbreviation, cyath., refer to?
14. What is the maximum number of refills for non-controlled drugs?
15. What value is assigned to the following Roman numeral: DXIV?
16. 1/2NS refers to saline with which of these concentrations?
17. Which of these pharmacy abbreviations means twice daily?
18. Medicines are stored in amber containers to protect the medicine from which of the following?
19. Interpret the following prescription: i pr hs
20. When pulling up a patient profile to commence entering a prescription, which of these protocols should be followed?
21. What does the pharmacy abbreviation pc mean?
22. Which of these pharmacy abbreviations means “as needed”?
23. A medicine with an expiration date of 09/2020 expires on which date?
24. Which of the following pharmacy terms refers to “oral administration”?
25. What does the pharmacy term, gtt, refer to?

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