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Our official online course is geared toward the needs and demands of the 2020 PTCB exam.

Our course covers all compulsory
subjects of the PTCB test.

With a 93% pass rate, our course has been crafted by qualified pharmacy technicians with the knowledge and experience needed to develop the most comprehensive range of premium learning materials.

Our Course

Receive instant online access to our PTCB course and gain access to your personal learning platform.

There, you can begin your study of each of the core compulsory modules, complete with test questions, pharmacy calculations for technicians, and full-length practice exams that meets the needs of the new 2020 syllabus. Our PTCB Test Prep course has been designed to teach students the core and clinical details you
are expected to know; a practical and pragmatic learning course that
delivers the essential details.

Course Structure

Core PTCB Modules

Medications (40%)

Order Entry and Processing (21.25%)

Federal Requirements (12.5%)

Patient Safety and Quality Assurance (26.25%)

Additional Materials

Calculations for Pharmacy Technicians

Full-Length Practice Exams

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Upon registration, you receive instant access to our online lessons and core learning materials, including:

  • Over 1,250 PTCB practice questions
  • Complete theory and practice
  • 4 Full-length PTCB practice exams
  • Mnemonics / memory aid tools
  • Complete exam preparation
  • Tailored to the new 2020 PTCB syllabus

We remain the complete official provider of quality PTCB learning tools. Our online course boasts a 93 percent success rate in helping candidates become qualified pharmacy technicians in the United States.

Our full-length PTCB practice exams give you the
unique opportunity to test your knowledge and whether
you are adequately prepared to sit the PTCB exam.

At PTCB Test Prep, we
get you ready.

Frequently Asked

Below, we’ve put together some of the most frequently asked questions about our
PTCB exam course. Of course, if you have any question that is not answered here, we
encourage you to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

PTCB Test Prep is the leading online platform that has trained tens of thousands of pharmacy technicians throughout the United States.

Our online pharmacy tech course offers the most current and complete range of learning material to train technicians to the highest standards.

Our course handles all mandatory subjects of the PTCB test and goes further by offering full-length practice exams that offer enormous insight into whether you are prepared to take the real thing.

No – the question composition differs on a state-by-state basis.

That said, we have put together our course with these state differences in mind. This means you can prepare for the needs and demands of the 2020 examination as expected by your state.


Our PTCB online course is compatible with all devices, meaning you can learn on-the-go, where and when you need to.

This flexibility remains one of the great advantages of our course over textbooks or attending a course in your nearest city.

At PTCB Test Prep, we are confident that you will pass the exam – so much so, that we offer a full money-back guarantee if you fail the exam.

That’s right – fail to pass the PTCB exam and we will issue you a 100% refund of the price you paid.

Simply email or fax us a copy of your results within 14 days and we will process your refund.

At PTCB Test Prep, we make passing the PTCB test easy and effort-free. We have trained almost 40,000 pharmacy technicians, each of whom can vouch for the quality of our course materials and how these lessons contributed to their success on exam day.

Previously, the PTCB exam involved covering 9 core subject areas.

Effective 1 January 2020, the PTCB exam has changed. The syllabus and % allocation of questions is different – with just four broader subject areas:

  • Medication (40%)
  • Federal Requirements (12.5%)
  • Patient Safety and Quality Assurance (26.25%)
  • Order Entry and Processing (21.25%)

Furthermore, the official PTCB website states that pharmacy calculations for technicians are contained within these subject areas.

As part of our course, our PTCB exam questions cover the theory that you are expected to know for the 2020 test. Furthermore, our course contains the most comprehensive coverage of pharmacy calculations you need to know before taking the exam.

With our four full-length practice exams, we require candidates to achieve 80% in all exams.

If you have always been interested in healthcare, working with the public to assist in their healthcare needs, and are a people person who enjoys working with others and within their community, a career as a pharmacy technician is something you should consider.

The career is not only rewarding, but also financially worthwhile too. Salaries for pharmacy technicians are on the rise. More responsibilities than ever before are being assigned to the technician. In addition, there is a greater demand for pharmacy technicians in recent years.

A career as a pharmacy technician is both rewarding and exciting. No two days are the same, and by working as an integral part of a healthcare team, you actively play a key role in improving healthcare standards within your local community.

What Our Graduates Say.

Take a few minutes to learn what our most recent graduates have had to
say about our PTCB online course.

I took two of their PTCB practice tests the day before the exam and I’m glad I did. Embarrassingly, I failed the PTCB test twice before – and I was worried I was about to make it third-time unlucky. The full-length practice exams and calculations were a lifesaver, and really assisted me in my full and final preparation for the PTCB exam.

Nicky S. – San Diego, California

Excellent course. What makes things different is how well each lesson complements each other. The practice questions and exams are pretty much precisely the type of questions I faced on the day of my exam. If you are struggling with the PTCB test, I can wholly recommend their course as a way of bridging the gap between what you need to know and what gets tested.

Lindsay R. – San Antonio, Texas