Federal Legislation Quiz

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Welcome to your Federal Legislation Quiz

Which organization is responsible for accrediting and certifying healthcare organizations in the United States?

Which of these medicines is classified as a Schedule IV controlled substance?

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) were mandated after which legislation was passed?

Which USP chapter sets standards in hazardous drug handling for patients, healthcare workers, and the environment?

The Orphan Drug Act was passed to promote research and development of drugs that affect which of these categories?

Which law established the protocol that drugs could be identified and reported using the NDC?

Enacted in 1990, which law requires pharmacies that fill orders for Medicaid patients to obtain, record, and maintain basic patient information?

Which law was passed to ensure that medicines are developed in a child protected form?

How often must pharmacy personnel, who compound low-to-medium risk level sterile products, be evaluated on their aseptic technique?

Which legislation placed prescription drug advertising under FDA supervision and required drug manufacturers to register and permit inspections of manufacturing sites?

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