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    Frequently Asked Questions

    No – our course is not a PTCB-recognized accredited program.

    Our course is intended to be an online study guide – complete with all the features and materials you need to study effectively and to prepare for and pass the pharmacy technician exam.

    As we are not an accredited program, our features are instead dedicated toward making the PTCB exam easy. This means offering exclusive study guides for each topic, flashcards, simulated exams, practice exams, and much more. Accredited programs must adhere to strict guidelines, and that is not the approach that we take at PTCB Test Prep to offer a technician-friendly approach to the exam.

    Students frequently used our revision program alongside their accredited program to maximize their opportunity to succeed at the PTCB exam.

    Yes – we offer a 30-day moneyback guarantee (subject to our terms of use).

    We are confident that our course will exceed your expectations and help you pass the PTCB exam.

    With a 92 percent success rate, our revision program remains the leading online course to help students pass the PTCB exam. Many students who have previously failed the exam have contacted us to say how they finally passed the exam thanks to our course.

    We continue to update our course each week to ensure that we can increase this success rate even more in the months and years ahead.

    PTCB Test Prep offers the most exclusive and diverse range of course materials at the most competitive rates. In fact, our course is often 3-5 times more affordable than other online courses which provide fewer materials than we do, and often materials that do not meet the required standards for students.

    If you are familiar with PTCB Test Prep, you may have already been learning from our content through our social media platforms and throughout the website itself – with sample test questions, infographics, articles, YouTube videos, and much more. In other words, the quality of our material is on show. We understand how to make the PTCB exam easy.

    No filler content or unnecessary jargon: just the facts you need to know, in ways you can understand and remember.

    Ultimately, that’s what matters. And that’s what makes our course different.


    The PTCB exam syllabus underwent a significant change in January 2020. Since then, we updated our syllabus to include course materials for all four knowledge domains of the exam:

    • Medications – 40%
    • Federal Requirements – 12.5%
    • Patient Safety and Quality Assurance – 26.25%
    • Order Entry and Processing – 21.25%

    If the syllabus does change at some point in the future, we will immediately modify our course accordingly to account for these changes and to ensure that our course meets the standards expected for the PTCB examination.

    Yes, absolutely.

    Our course is tailored to help students pass all pharmacy technician licensing exams in the United States.

    We have put together a comprehensive range of formal state requirements for pharmacy technicians – which you can find here.

    If you have more complex questions about your own personal circumstances and licensing requirements / eligibility to sit the PTCB exam, we recommend directly contacting the relevant authority at PTCB.org who can consider and assess your individual case.

    Pharmacy calculations remain one of the most challenging subjects for many students.

    As part of our new and updated online course, we have put together an entire module on Pharmacy Calculations for Technicians. This module teaches you how to work through all major topics and question types that appear on the PTCB exam. We work through sample problems in a step-by-step manner, in a manner that is accessible and easy to understand.

    We also provide self-assessment questions, interactive practice MCQs, and an end of module examination. This complete package prepares you for pharmacy math on the PTCB exam and eases any stress and fear you may have about this subject.

    We have worked with many colleges, pharmacies, and academic bodies throughout the United States over the past number of years.

    We create bespoke solutions for your teaching needs, no matter how many students you need to enrol on our program nor what duration of access you require.

    Take a moment to learn more about our group purchasing solutions and how we can assist you and your students.