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7 Reasons to Become a Pharmacy Technician

Oct 20th, 2019
reasons to become a pharmacy technician

Thinking about making a career change?

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to become a healthcare professional but weren’t quite sure where you might fit in. Here, we talk about the top 7 reasons to become a pharmacy technician that might just sway your decision and redirect your career.

1 – Massive Demand for Technicians

When considering a career change, it’s always worth checking out how in-demand that career is projected to grow over the next decade.

In the case of pharmacy technicians, the trend is clear.

Recent reports suggest that technician roles are expected to boom over the next 10 years.

Positions for pharmacy technicians are expected to grow considerably faster than many other healthcare professions. If opportunity is on your mind, then this must be one of the top reasons to become a pharmacy technician today.

2 – Get Qualified, Fast!

Unlike training to become a qualified nurse or doctor, it only takes less than a year to become a qualified pharmacy technician.

You won’t need to spend year upon year with your head in libraries of books. Instead, you simply need to take the PTCB exam. This exam is composed of 90 multiple-choice questions on a wide variety of topics – from pharmacology to medication safety to sterile/non-sterile compounding and pharmacy math.

At PTCB Test Prep, we’ve put together a complete online course to train you for the needs and demands of the 2019 exam to make the process even easier and faster than ever before.

3 – It is a Rewarding Career

One of the best reasons to become a pharmacy technician is the health benefits you confer to others.

Pharmacy technicians play an invaluable role in their community – working between the pharmacist and the public to deliver positive healthcare outcomes and ensuring that no errors take place in the treatment plans for patients.

No two days are the same, either.

You go to work with the full knowledge of helping people with their medical complaints, whilst leaving work later that day with the satisfaction of having helped even more people within your community.

Becoming a pharmacy technician is rewarding, fulfilling, and highly satisfying career choice.

4 – Diversity of Career Opportunities

How many of you, when thinking about where a “pharmacy technician” works, immediately considered a retail pharmacy outlet?

Probably most of you. The reality is, however, very different.

Pharmacy technicians are employed across a wide variety of healthcare settings – not least:

  • Hospitals
  • Hospice care facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Corrections facilities
  • Nuclear pharmacies

And this list is by no means exhaustive.

When opting to train as a pharmacy technician, bear these opportunities in mind. You never know – you may end up working in one of these environments.

5 – Extensive Variety of Work

One of the great benefits of becoming a pharmacy technician is that there is a wide variety of work to partake in.

For example – one hour you may be dealing directly with patients, the next hour you may be organizing stock, or perhaps identifying legitimate errors in patient prescriptions. Not only that, but pharmacy technicians must also assist pharmacists in the extemporaneous production of medicines. You are also expected to deal with third parties, such as insurance companies.

With such a diversity of work on a day-to-day basis, working as a pharmacy technician is anything but boring.

6 – Ability to Advance Within the Career

One of the great reasons to become a pharmacy technician is that the career doesn’t just stop there. If anything, your career journey only just starts.

As you become more adept as a technician, you will invariably learn more about the complex process of managing that healthcare environment – whether it’s related to stock, or medicines, or how to deal with third parties. Again, this could be in a community pharmacy, a hospital pharmacy, or a nursing home. Each environment has its own managerial tasks.

Many pharmacy technicians go on to become qualified pharmacists too!

7 – Expect to Earn a Competitive Salary

Pharmacy techs can expect to earn a very competitive salary. After all, as we have discussed, it can easily take less than 1 year to become qualified. So, the financial inducements for pharmacy techs are high.

Pay, of course, depends on work location, state, type of facility, size and assigned responsibilities. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, pharmacy technicians in the United States earn on average $33,000. The best-paid earned around $49,000, whilst starting techs earn around the $22,000 mark.

Pharmacy technicians in hospitals earn more – at $37,000 – compared to those who work in the retail sector.


And there we have it, the top 7 reasons to become a pharmacy technician.

To summarize, these reasons include:

  • Increasing demand for pharmacy technicians
  • Ability to get qualified in less than 1 year
  • It is rewarding, stimulating and satisfying career
  • Opens the door to a range of career opportunities
  • Extensive variety of work that makes things interesting
  • Ability to advance within and beyond the career
  • The career delivers a highly competitive salary

Becoming a pharmacy technician doesn’t need to be difficult. With the right long-term approach to the PTCB exam, there is no reason why you too cannot join this esteemed healthcare profession and make a real difference to both your career and your local community.