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Instant online test prep materials to get you certified.
Our exclusive features are up to date for the 2023 PTCB syllabus.

Self-Paced 10-Module Course

Our course is built for success and structured around the 2023 exam outline. Track your progress throughout and watch your confidence grow.

2,500 Practice Exam-Like Questions

Exam-like questions that come with detailed, explained answers. We help you identify weaknesses and give you the tools to turn them into strengths.

Prescription Interpretation

Learn how to interpret prescriptions easily and accurately. Dispense medicines with confidence by learning this essential pharmacy skill.

Top 200 Drugs Mastery

One of our most popular modules - complete with neat flashcards, video review lessons, and memory tools to finally embed the top 200 drugs into your head.

Simulated Practice Exams

Learn whether you are ready to take the PTCB test with our timed, simulated practice exams that come with detailed feedback of your performance.

Pharmacy Math Mastered

In this module, you will learn how to master all topics in pharmacy math and come fully prepared for the PTCB test.

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Interactive study tools are the best way to prepare for the PTCB exam.

PTCB Test Prep has put together the most comprehensive range of rapid revision features that focus on the facts that always get tested. We update our program each month with new features to keep our material as current as possible.

We teach you in ways you can remember – getting straight to the point in language you understand.

Built for Success

Our course is mobile and tablet friendly. Work through your course as and when you need to. Watch your progress grow and take our practice questions and simulated exams as many times as you need to.

Success is Just Around the Corner.

Instant online test prep materials to get you certified.
Our exclusive features are up to date for the 2023 PTCB syllabus.

Watch Your Progress Grow

Our course lets you monitor your progress with detailed analytics and tracking.

Build a Study Plan

Your dashboard is complete with a study plan. Update this plan to know where you need to focus your study.

Continuous Assessment

Each module comes with an assessment to review whether you have reached the target knowledge level.

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